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Süd-Chemie Catalyst Division - Globally Active

  • The Süd-Chemie is represented by more than 60 manufacturing and marketing companies in all regions of the world.
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Catalytic Technologies division of Süd-Chemie group is spread all over the world. The group is a major player in the world catalysts market and leaders in certain specialised catalytic technologies. Research and Development works on Catalytic Technologies are carried on in highly sophisticated exclusive laboratories set up in USA, Germany, Japan and South Africa. Süd-Chemie India is proud to be part of this massive worldwide set up.

Süd-Chemie India is agents in India for the various types of catalysts manufactured by the Süd-Chemie group. We are also agents for the high quality bleaching earth manufactured by the group companies.

  • Süd-Chemie AG, Germany

  • Süd-Chemie Inc., USA

  • Süd-Chemie , Japan

  • Süd-Chemie MT, Italy

  • Süd-Chemie Zeolites (P) Ltd., S. Africa

  • Süd-Chemie Prototech Inc., USA

Please visit the web pages of Catalytic Technologies Business unit of Süd-Chemie group.

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