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Aromatic Saturation

Clariant offers several catalysts for the efficient low temperature saturation of aromatics in gasoline and middle distillates.

NiSAT® catalysts are used for reducing benzene in gasoline pool blending streams to meet the required environmental regulations for gasoline. NiSAT catalysts are manufactured in Computer Designed Shape (CDS) extrusions and are available in Reduced and Stabilized (RS) versions.

NiSAT® catalysts are also used for hydrogenation of benzene for making food grade hexane.

The ASAT® catalyst series are dual-noble metal-promoted zeolite catalysts that offer excellent HDS, HDN and HDA activity, along with extreme tolerance to sulfur (up to 500 ppm wt.). Catalyst systems with dual noble metal function have been developed that are more tolerant of much higher levels of sulfur than standard platinum catalysts. These catalysts feature outstanding capabilities for upgrading of middle distillate cuts, converting sulfur to ppm level, reducing nitrogen to non-detectable levels and dropping total aromatics from 40% to less than 5%. Consequently, the multi-functional ASAT catalysts is the first choice when it comes to converting light cycle oil (LCO) to “sulfur-free” diesel fuel in a single-stage process.

HDMax® 800 provides superior saturation activity of olefinic or aromatic feed stocks even in the presence of sulfur.

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