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Styrene Production – StyroMax®

Majority of styrene produced in the world today is made by dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene (EB) using STYROMAX® catalysts. These include the following:

STYROMAX 3 catalysts are physically rugged and have demonstrated run-lengths longer than 42 months. They offer an excellent balance of activity and selectivity, and can be used at steam/oil ratios as low as 1.15 wt. / wt.

STYROMAX Plus 5 is a high activity catalyst with exceptional physical strength and a very low attrition rate.

STYROMAX 6 has an optimal balance of activity and selectivity.

STYROMAX 8 is the newest development and shows very high activity. Customers can capture value via either increased production or greater catalyst life, while operating at steam/oil ratios as low as 1.15 wt. / wt.

D-Max ® Series are high selectivity catalysts.

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