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Feed Purification

The ActiSorb® series of catalysts and adsorbents are used for the purification of almost all hydrocarbon feedstocks. This purification is typically a combination of a reaction using a pre-treatment catalyst, i.e. hydrogenation, followed by adsorption with the ActiSorb adsorbent. The following table gives a general overview of the different families of ActiSorb materials.

Sulfur Removal

ActiSorb® S2 

A Zinc Oxide based adsorbent is used for removal of Sulfur components from hydrocarbon feed streams for an achieved purity of less than 0.1 ppm wt. sulfur.ActiSorb® S 2 is the perfect solution when operating at high space velocities and elevated temperatures and is available in Extrusion shape.

ActiSorb® S6

In some cases, it is necessary to remove sulfur to a level below 10 ppb H2S. ActiSorb® S6, a Copper-promoted Zinc Oxide, is placed in the bottom of the standard zinc oxide reactor and removes the remaining H2S to a value < 10 ppb H2S under a wide range of operating conditions.  It is available in Extrusion shape.

ActiSorb® G1

Purification of natural gas containing low concentrations of total sulfur can also be performed by a CuO/MoO promoted Zinc Oxide catalyst ActiSorb® G1. Simultaneous hydrodesulfurisation and H2S pick-up is a feature unique to ActiSorb® G1. Even when saturated, ActiSorb® G1 catalyst fully retains its hydrogenation capabilities.

C8 Series

Desulfurisation of natural gas and light hydrocarbon feed stocks is also possible under ambient conditions using activated carbon.  C8  catalyst series  are  coconut-shell-based and simple activated carbon or promoted with copper oxide.  It should be noted that propane and C4+ hydrocarbons are also absorbed by the activated carbon, thereby minimising the sulfur pickup capability  of the activated carbon catalysts.


HDMax ® 200 / HDMax ® 300

The standard catalysts for the hydrogenation of organic sulfur compounds in hydrocarbon feedstocks are the cobalt-molybdenum-type catalysts from the HDMax 200 series. These catalysts are used in both liquid and gas phase for all types of hydrocarbons, such as naphtha, LPG, natural gas and off-gases.For the hydrogenation of organic nitrogen compounds and/or olefin saturation, our nickel-molybdenum-based HDMax 310 catalyst is recommended.

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