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As a leader in the performance-chemical industry, Süd-Chemie India Pvt. Ltd. provides catalysts for clients across industry segments including petrochemicals, automotive, synthesis gas, and refineries. Our strength lies in our expertise in chemistry & its applications and in our deep understanding of the needs of our customers in India and in International Markets.

Over the past 50 years, we have built a worldwide reputation for pioneering products
& exceptional service, with innovation, environmental sustainability, and community
development at the core of everything that we do.



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Process Catalyst: SynChem, Fuel upgrading, Petrochemicals, Speciality, Sulfuric Acid & Custom Catalysts

401 Office Block
DLF Place
District Centre, Saket
New Delhi 110 017
Tele: +91 11 4646 0100

E-mail : marketing@sud-chemie-india.com

Emission Control Catalyst:Automotive Stationary, Stationary & Industrial Off-Gas

Tele : +91 265 7163200
Fax : +91 265 2840622

E-mail : baroda@sud-chemie-india.com


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