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The Catalysts business supplies different types of methanation catalysts, depending on the severity and product purity requirements of the application.

Meth 130, Meth 150, Meth 134, Meth 135

METH® 130 and METH 134 consist of alumina supported NiO and are well suited for standard application (e.g. in ammonia plant).

For extremely low temperature applications (T < 170° C) we offer METH 150, a ruthenium-based catalyst on an alumina support.

METH 134 consists of alumina supported NiO.  METH 135 is high Nickel catalyst for obtaining  high purity, low temperature operations.

METH 135 is a catalyst with a higher Ni-content which provide a higher low-temperature activity and is suitable for higher space velocities.

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