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ActiSorb® S2 

A Zinc Oxide based adsorbent is used for removal of sulfur components from hydrocarbon feed streams for an achieved purity of less than 0.1 ppm wt. sulfur.

ActiSorb® S 2 is the perfect solution when operating at high space velocities and elevated temperatures and is available in Extrusion shape.

HDMax ® 200 / HDMax ® 300

The standard catalysts for the hydrogenation of organic sulfur compounds in hydrocarbon feedstocks are the cobalt-molybdenum-type catalysts from the HDMax 200 series. These catalysts are used in both liquid and gas phase for all types of hydrocarbons, such as Naphtha, LPG, natural gas and off-gases

ReforMax ® 100

A prereformer is an adiabatic fixed-bed reactor upstream of the primary reformer. It allows increased flexibility in the choice of feedstock,   increased lifetime of the steam reforming catalyst and tubes, and the option of increasing the overall plant capacity. Furthermore it allows operation at lower steam/carbon ratios.

ReforMax® 100 is a prereforming catalyst designed to handle the entire range of hydrocarbon feedstocks from natural gas up to and including LPG and Naphtha.

ReforMax® 100 is available in Tablet /Ring/Five hole Ring shapes and in both oxidised and pre reduced version.

ReforMax ® 300 / ReforMax ® 210 / ReforMax ® 250

Selection of the optimum catalyst depends on several factors, including furnace design, severity of service, and the type of hydrocarbon processed. Our standard catalysts are ReforMax ® 300 LDP Nickel on Alumina carrier available in 10-Hole Ring shape, ReforMax ® 210 LDP  Pottassium promoted Nickel on Alumina carrier available in 10-Hole Ring shape and ReforMax ® 250 Nickel and Magnesium on Alumina carrier available in 5-Hole Ring shape.

Methanol Synthesis

MegaMax ® series

Süd-Chemie`s MegaMax ® series methanol synthesis catalysts have successfully operated in the widest possible spectrum of operating conditions and in a variety of reactor designs. Also the capacities of those plants, which utilized MegaMax® series catalysts, vary widely from 50 tons per day to 5,000 tons per day (MegaMethanol® plant).

The catalyst are standard Copper Zinc based in tablet shapes.

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