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Traps & Guards

Süd-Chemie manufactures various types of traps and guards for remove impurities in variety of hydrocarbon streams. Most prominently sulfur and chloride are commonly found poisions which have to be removed either to protect a downstream catalyst or to minimise corrosion or just to meet the product specification.

ActiSorb S series sulfur guards are used to remove various types of sulfur compounds like H2S,COS, mercaptans and thiophenes at temperatures varying from ambient to as high as 350 deg C.

ActiSorb S7 RS is Nickel based adsorbent used for sulfur removal from Naptha stream and typically located upstream of light Naphtha Isomerisation units.

ActiSorb C125 is bi-metallic adsorbents used for removing chlorides from Net Gas, LPG stream in CCR units.


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