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Our Company

We are a leading catalyst company operating in India for the past more than 40 years and are part of the global group “Clariant” of Switzerland. Exploring career with Süd-Chemie India means you are becoming part of the global leader in “catalysts”. Career with us brings you the most coveted growth prospects in a professionally managed business environment. We care for our people and offer a vibrant and dynamic home-to-home work culture. We support our people to innovate and excel in work place and personal development.

What we offer?

We offer most friendly environment to work. We have sustained policies for employment growth. We support for higher education, provide opportunities for skill development and external learning. We offer work freedom, talent recognition and rewards, social get-together and celebrations in addition to a fast-track career development opportunity. We value our employees and care for employees’ health and safety. We offer the best compensation package in the industry and fabulous growth prospects.

Recruitment process

We manage a career data-base and we welcome CVs from professionals to be addressed to: Apart from direct recruitment processes, we also use online job portals, recruitment agencies, and employee referral to strengthen our workforce and fill new vacancies. We also welcome high-end professionals from the industry to strengthen our leadership and head new growth areas.

Our Peoples’ view

We have a combination of young aspirants and well qualified and experienced professionals with engineering background managing our operations. Some of their views about our Company are:

  •   I work with a great team of motivated, intelligent , hardworking and talented colleagues and like the dynamic, friendly working environment. - Sanjeev Mehta, Head - Marketing

  •   A great place to work with pride and Honour - Saji Mathew, HR & IR

  •   An organisation which conveys the feeling that it’s you own unleashing the potential of the entrepreneur in you. The freedom and comradeship is to be experienced to be believed - G.S.Nair, Unit Head

  •   Ample opportunities for continuous learning and growing. Perform and forget, rest is assured - P. Unnikrishnan, Quallity Assurance

  •   SCIL Offers A True Homely Work Place; A Real Home To Home Experience. I Am Very Proud That I Am Working With A Company Having A Motivating Vision, Strong Mission, Excellent Work Culture, Inspiring Management, Vibrant Young And Senior Team Mates And Of Course The Freedom To Work And Improve Ourselves. - K.K.Rojmon, Finance & Accounts

  •   I am proudly a part of culture and knowledge driven, result oriented organization with zero bureaucracy - M. Shanmuga Sundaram, Marketing

  •   SCIL has given me the platform for developing my technical and managerial skills to the highest level of perfection. It’s a perfect organization for those looking for a balanced work-life harmony in life. - C. R. JIfy, Production

  •   An organization you enamoured to work and spend time with SCIL family. - Dr. S.K.Yadav, Quality Assurance

  •   Working here, I feel being owner of my work and feel proud of being part of the wonderful growth story. - Touquire A Siddiquie, Marketing & Operations

  •   Freedom and trust bestowed is empowering. - V.Sreedharan, Unit Head

  •   Dynamically changing business needs, employee centric - approachable top management, little to nil micromanagement, good team spirit, rational business decisions and speedy project execution make my Days at SCIL. - Arun Basrur, Research & Development

  •   People first approach of management, liberty of work, all round support and open culture makes each day exciting to work. - Pramod Joshi, HR

  •   Ethical and corporate values are emphasized throughout. Great people to work with and learn from, along with nice and friendly environment…. - Santosh Gupta, Finance & Accounts

  •   People in SCIL are Dynamic, quick, clued-up & are the behind amazing achievements because they share in the same vision and tap into something greater than themselves. - Sumit Babbar, Supply Chain

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