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Feedstock Purification


Hydrodesulphurisation catalysts are used for conversion various organic forms of sulfur to H2S. Typically either cobalt-molybdenum type catalysts HDMax 200 series or nickel- molybdenum type catalysts HDMax 300 series are used for this application.

HDMax catalysts are used in both liquid and gas phase for all types of hydrocarbons, such as naphtha, LPG, natural gas and off-gases.

In addition to conversion of organic forms of sulfur into H2S, HDMax series catalysts are also used for hydrogenation of di-olefins, olefins etc. in various hydrocarbon streams. Some feeds may need specialized grading & guard layer of catalyst to remove impurities like metals, particulate matter etc. and to control pressure drop build up. Süd-Chemie India can offer various tailor made solutions for feed specific needs using broad range of catalyst in HDMax range.

Sulfur & Chlorides removal:

ActiSorb® S series adsorbents are used for removal of H2S and ActiSorb Cl series are used for removal of HCl and are typically located downstream of Hydrodesulphurisation units.

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