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Hydrogenation of Pyrolysis Gasoline

The C5+ fraction of raw pyrolysis gasoline must be hydrotreated to saturate di-olefins, olefins, and aromatic unsaturates, especially styrene, before use in other processes. The Catalysts business offers catalyst technology for two-stage pyrolysis gasoline (pygas) hydrotreatment.

OleMax® 600 and OleMax 601 are used in the first-stage hydrogenation of the pyrolysis gasoline treatment unit to selectively hydrogenate the dienes.

Second-stage hydrogenation in commercial pyrolysis gasoline units often utilizes a mixed catalyst loading of OleMax 806 and OleMax 807.

Complete licensed process solutions including turn-key packages for high purity benzene, toluene and paraxylene production are available from GTC Technology, using our hydrogenation catalysts.

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