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Polypropylene Production – C-Max®

C-MAX® catalysts are Ziegler-Natta (ZN) catalysts highly optimized for the manufacture of polypropylene (PP) grades in a variety of different process platforms. C-MAX catalysts enable PP producers to manufacture their entire product range without cumbersome catalyst changes. In addition, PP producers benefit from an excellent morphology control during polymerization. A process-optimized catalyst activity level, in combination with excellent isotacticity control, ensures globally competitive operational costs while maintaining full flexibility of the process to tailor-make PP products for diverse application properties.

C-MAX catalysts are well-proven commercially in several PP production lines comprising the bulk, bulk loop and gas phase processes. Customers appreciate the catalysts’ outstanding performance and benefit from the experience of our technical service in all major PP process technologies.


  • Ease of use

The C-MAX catalyst portfolio enables plant operators to avoid the hassle of changing catalysts during the production wheel. The full product slate requirement can be met by varying operational parameters in combination with C-MAX catalysts.

  • Performance

The C-MAX catalysts perform well with a variety of different external donors. PP producers can follow our recommendation or independently operate with a donor of their choice. PP producers will benefit from the high fluff bulk density achievable with C-MAX PP catalyst that allows for higher reactor throughput.

  • Service

Extensive technical service comes along with the supply of C-MAX catalysts. We have a dedicated technical team with years of experience in PP catalysis across all process platforms. We do not compete with our customers in the manufacture or sale of polypropylene resins.

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