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Purification of Polymer feedstock (ethylene/propylene) - PolyMax®

Ethylene / Propylene purification catalysts are typically located upstream of Polymerisation catalysts and used for trace removal of impurities.

3.1 Ethylene Purification:

3.1.1 H2S Removal: PolyMax® 172

PolyMax® 172 is a ZnO based absorbent for removal of H2S from ethylene feed. PolyMax® 172 is a high surface area absorbent and typical H2S in the product stream is < 0.05 ppm.

PolyMax® 172 is non-regenerable and is supplied in extrusion shape.

3.1.2 CO / O2 / H2 Removal: PolyMax® 300 series

PolyMax 300 series absorbents remove CO / O2 / H2 along with traces of H2S from ethylene stream.

3.1.3: Trace removal of C2H2 (acetylene), H2: PolyMax® 200 series

PolyMax 200 is precious metals catalyst for trace removal of C2H2 & H2 by hydrogenation to ethylene.

3.2 Propylene Purification:

3.2.1 Sulfur / Arsine / Phosphine removal: ActiSorb® 300 series

ActiSorb® 300 is a versatile absorbent for trace removal of COS / Arshine / Phosphine from propylene streams.

ActiSorb®300 is non-regenerable and is supplied in the form of Tablets.

3.2.2 Methyl Acetylene & Propadiene Removal (MAPD)

G68-F is a precious metals catalyst for hydrogenation of MAPD in propylene stream.

3.2.3 Bulk removal of COS: PolyMax® 153

For bulk removal of COS, precious metals based PolyMax® 153 is recommended. COS is converted to H2S by hydrolysis with moisture in the feed. H2S in removed downstream using PolyMax® 172 adsorbent.

3.3 Methanation: Meth 134 & Meth 135

Methanation catalyst is used for removal of CO & CO2 from various hydrogen streams in steam cracker or polymer units. Meth 134 is the standard Methanation catalyst, while Meth 135 is a high activity version suitable for operation at low temperature.

Both Meth 134 & 135 needs in-situ reduction for operation. In case in-situ reduction facility is not available, catalyst can be supplied in “pre-reduced” and “Stabilised” condition designated as Meth 134 RS & Meth 135 RS. RS version catalyst is surface stabilised and can be handled just like a normal oxide catalyst.

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